London Calling

Knock knock folks! Caroline’s got another adventure to share with all of you lovely people!

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London, UK

Yes, this is me literally knocking on a door for comedic affect (Laugh gosh damn it). Whose house is it? I am not quite sure. Did I accidentally knock instead of pretending to? Sure did.

Might want to also note this is the EXACT place where J.K.Rowling was inspired to create Diagon Alley. YES THATS RIGHT ALL OF MY HARRY POTTER FANS! GO AHEAD AND NERD OUT. I wasn’t freaking out or anything. Not at all. That smile? Also for comedic affect. Ohh what I do for you folks.

ANYWAYS. Where was I, you ask? Well that is just a stupid question, and I refuse to answer.

So how else would I spend my time except getting a Big Bus London Tour ticket to site see? (Honestly, you could answer that in many ways, so please don’t). What is this you ask? You know those double decker bus tours that tourists take in NYC and it looks ridiculous? Yes, that is exactly it, just in London.

Anyways, with this bus tour I was able to site see all of London in 36 hours! (Yes I only had 36 hours in London. Yes I know, I need to go back).

Along with the bus tour, we also received a free Harry Potter walking tour! There were only two things I wanted to do in London, have afternoon tea…and go on this Harry Potter tour. On the tour we stood in the exact scenes filmed for Diagon Alley and the Ministry of Magic. If you don’t believe me, google it. Do it, I dare you.

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Ministry of Magic

So I know what you are asking. You went on the Harry Potter tour, but did you get afternoon tea? In fact, I did! Jessie (the friend I was traveling with) turned 21 on the Sunday of our trip! So of course we celebrated the English way and had an afternoon tea party!

So if you know me, then you know I only drink coffee. Like coffee first, coffee second, coffee third and then human interaction followed by some more coffee. But damn England does not mess around when it comes to tea! I had some Oolong (it is a mixture of black and green tea). HOT DAMN was I impressed. This tea could have changed any coffee woman to a tea woman in a heartbeat. (Yes it was THAT good). Not to mention the three huge platefuls of snacks that came with it. All different types of sandwiches, followed by English pastries and desserts. And if you know me the one thing I love more than coffee is food. Let’s just say it was an amazing day…


Did I say amazing day? LOL What I meant to say was “afternoon”. Why? Well let me tell you.

So Jessie and I bought bus tickets to drive us to the airport which was an hour away from the center of London. But guess what? The bus never came. Ever. So not only are we stuck in the middle of London with our luggage, we are freaking out about missing our flight. So we run to take money out of the bank so we can pay for another bus to drive us to the airport. We try to get on and the driver replies “It’s full” (OH and let me tell you, it was not full. We could have fit my entire family including extended cousins and the bus wouldn’t have been full). So after we were denied access to the bus, well we freaked out.

Thank the person who created Uber because they literally saved Jess and me A LOT of money that we would have wasted changing our flight. We ended up ubering to the airport and made it with twenty minutes to spare.

Had another great weekend with some lovely company!

Until next time! Vi sees! (see you later in Danish)

Stay Hygge.



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