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Hi friends!

Wow, golly jee!

It’s your LUCKY day. You get to read another one of my LOVELY blog posts. So hold onto your chairs folks because this is going to be one hell of a blog.

So this week I went to the infamous Berlin, Germany with my Cross-Cultural Psychology class. I was pretty skeptical about going, I’ve heard you either love the city or hate it. I unfortunately…..LOVED IT. What a rad city, like I can’t even explain it in words. It’s as if the 90’s came and never left. It is beautiful. Not to mention the amount of recent history that has affected this city (WWII and the Berlin Wall).

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The Holocaust Memorial

So the first part of the trip was great. And by great I mean I thought I was going to die. We are sitting on plane in Copenhagen when all of a sudden this loud noise comes roaring onto the plane. It sounded as though a whale was stuck in the propellor of the plane. But the flight attendants didn’t see anything wrong with it (How? I really don’t know. You couldn’t miss the sound). So the plane literally takes off with a whale in the propellor. (No I’m not being serious, I wouldn’t be writing this blog if that was true. Also how would a whale get into the propellor?)

ANYWAY…I thought I was never going to make it to Berlin, but I did.

Ohh best part of the trip. I cried in front of my whole class. No of course it wasn’t embarrassing… (No it was awful, I was so embarrassed and telling you again is like re-living it. So you’re welcome I’m so kind to put my own feelings behind yours to tell you a great story. I know, I’m just so sweet.)

Why did I cry? Funny you ask..I got locked in our bus bathroom. Please don’t ask me how…. it is still unclear and I’m not about to try and re create the scene in order to answer your question. So yeah, I shut the door to this bathroom right? No issues. Then all of a sudden the lights shut off like I’m in a horror movie and I’m the next victim of the ring and she’s about to pop out of the mirror. Then I realize the bathroom is really f**king tiny and now pitch dark. So yeah. I did was every sane person would do and calmly freaked the fu** out, slamming on the door trying to open it with my body weight and screaming HELP. (Shout out to Nayla and Allison for saving my life and prying the door open with the bare hands. They are the real MVPs). Yeah so all of a sudden a see the sun’s light as the bathroom door opens and I cried into Nayla’s arms. In front of the whole class.

Yupp. I swear I’m sane.

ANYWAYS….Berlin is cool yeah. Very interesting culture because of the whole Berlin wall that split the city right down the middle into East and West Berlin. Little history lesson. West Berlin was split into three territories after WWII, French, British and of course American. The East side was controlled by the Soviet Union. So naturally there was tension between the East and West and so a wall was built between the two. And guess what? That lasted for about 20 years before people realized that was a fu**ing idiotic idea and took it down. (hint hint…..AMERICA WALLS DON’T WORK, LOOK AT GERMANY). Okay, well…..ANYWAY, the differences between the two cultures are still very relevant today and now the wall is used for art exhibitions and other monuments.

Not everything was sunshine and roses. As all of you know Germany during WWII was under the SS control (the Nazis). About an hour outside of Berlin there was a concentration camp called Sachsenhausen. My class and I went to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial. Why am I mentioning this? These blog posts are suppose to be positive right? Wrong.Unfortunately the Holocaust wasn’t the first genocide, and it won’t be the last. We already know history repeats itself.

So let me just leave this photo here (below is the translation). See the date.

“Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings” -Heinrich Heine 1820

Just a little back story. Before the Nazi’s started deporting Jews, homosexuals, POWs and the mentally and physically ill to concentration and death camps they burned every book that didn’t support “German nationalism”. Creepy right? Let that sink in.

While in Berlin we also went to the Jewish Museum. In one of the many exhibits the artist Eran Shakine drew several pictures of a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew exploring the world together. Here are just two of my favorite photos from this exhibit.


What am I trying to get at here? Lets stop hating the differences in people. We are all human beings, why can’t that be enough to treat people with humanity?

And with that I will say vi sees (see ya later).

Stay hygge, and build love not walls.

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