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Milan Cathedral

Well hello again!!

If you couldnt guess from my title already, I was in italy this weekend! (Milano, to be specific).

So let me tell you about this uber ride. (Trust me the story is worth it). We arrive in Milano at the central train station at about 2 am. So we decide to Uber to our airbnb. So we get in this uber right? Not a big deal. (It was a big deal).

1. The guy didn’t speak english. (thank god for my roommate Rose who was there, she can speak Italian.)

2. I’m pretty sure he got his liscence about two weeks ago. NO LIE. (No he was not young. Actually, he was quite old). He was going two miles per hour down every road. No this is not an exaggeration.

3. He took a wrong turn. No big deal right?  Everyone makes wrong turns. But then he proceeded to back up onto the sidewalk and managed to make an illegal u-turn in this tiny ass side street in Milan. (Ohh he was also driving a mini van. To put into context, NO ONE in europe drives mini vans. Why you ask? Because the roads are too narrow. So yeah, this u-turn was like trying to turn an aircraft in a hallway. Bad idea.)

4. We finally arrive at the airbnb and the driver gets out of the car to open our doors for us. We all step out of the car and thank him for driving us. Then in the corner of my eye I see the car proceed to roll up the curb. This man did not put the car in park. PARK PEOPLE. YES THAT GEAR YOU SHIFT INTO WHEN YOU DONT WANT YOUR CAR TO ROLL INTO A BUILDING. Let’s just say I made it out alive and you can still read my lovely posts. (Because you totally look forward to them, don’t you? Yeah I know you do)

ANYWAYS….the next day we visited a bunch of fancy churches and museum. (And like the great tourist I am I don’t know the names of the places, don’t ask. I really don’t know). But, I do have photos. And that’s all that counts right?

Oh and the FOOD. I would travel back to Milan just to eat the food. The only things I ate consisted of carbs and dairy and my heart has never ever felt so much joy. It was truly a dining experience. Like LOOK at this pizza. Don’t you just want to shove your face into it? Because that’s exactly what I did. Yes that pizza is the size of my torso. Yes i ate it all. (stop judging, you very well know that you would eat it all as well. Don’t fool yourself).











Besides I need to keep my figure in tack, ya know that abroad 15? (It’s where you gain 15 lbs from studying abroad because food.) Yeah I’m working on that goal. Between 48hours I consumed two large personal pizzas, two croissants, a crepe with gelato, pasta with red gravy and a veal cutlet the size of my face. Oh and coffee. so. much. coffee. Best coffee i’ve had in my life actually. CONGRATULATIONS! WORLDS BEST CUP OF COFFEE, YOU DID IT! (all rights reserved to Elf).

Well that is basically it. I mean I really did tell you the highlight of my trip. Food and that uber drive. OHH and I went shopping. Great experience, 10 out of 10 would recommend it to anyone.

Ciao Italia ❤️🇮🇹

also, stay hygge.

And if you haven’t already, check out my VCSO account for tons of photos of my time abroad!!! And keep checking it for updates!! click here!


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