No vegetables given.

It’s your lucky day, my SECOND post this week. (ohhh, ahhhhh!!)

So this weekend I traveled to Brussels, Belgium. I know what you are thinking, what the hell is in Brussels? To be honest I had no idea until I arrived. But as my blog implies, say yes more often! (We booked the trip because it was the cheapest flight we could get). So yeah, it was destined to be a fantastic trip from the start.

Let us start here. Belgium is like a mini NYC, and I mean mini. Like you have m&m’s which are pretty small in candy sizes and then you have mini m&m’s. Then when two mini m&m’s love each other very much they….(never mind). Brussels is like a mini m&m’s baby. Yup.  That small.

But just because it is small doesn’t mean it’s bad! It is actually the 3rd most diverse city in the world (behind Dubai and NYC) and it is home to the famous Belgium chocolate and waffles. (Yes I know what you are thinking. Why the hell is my cover photo of a macaroon and not a waffle. To be honest? Because the macaroon was SO MUCH BETTER! But i’ll get to that later). This also explains my title. I had to SEARCH for a salad. And even when I ordered a salad, it came with TWO slices of bread. Let’s just say Belgium = carbs, carbs and more carbs.

Brussels, Belgium

So we get to Brussels in the middle of the night. We walk into the hotel elevator and the door won’t close. About a minute after pressing the close doors button 500 times the concierge comes over. He proceeds to yank the elevator door closed and wave goodbye as we ascend to the third floor. Yeah, that was some tower of terror shit right there.

The next morning we went to the Grand Place (Yes, place not palace. It is multiple buildings in a square). It is absolutely gorgeous! And there was a parade for the Chinese New Year!

Grand Place, Brussels

We also hopped on a free tour of the city. Yes, FREE. Poor college student studying abroad = FREE SHIT IS THE SHIT…to do. So the lovely man Adrian gave us a wonderful tour of Brussels, all the history, and where to find the best beer. (Ohh did I forget to mention Belgium is known for having the best beer? Yeah they aren’t joking about that. It is bomb).

The next day we took a train to Bruges. A beautiful 17th century city in Belgium with plenty of shops and cafes. It was probably my favorite little town in Europe so far. (And the only little European town I’ve been to in my life. But just forget I said that..)  And that is where I got this AMAZING macaroon. (Peep the cover photo). I’m still not sure what flavor it was, but it was amazing. Like that white girl heaven I explained last blog post? Yeah, that amazing. (If you don’t know what I am referring to then you haven’t been reading my blog posts, and therefore I don’t like you so stop reading). LOL JK, totally keep reading. (No seriously, leave my site).  I could live off of those macaroons and get fat and be so happy with my life choices.

Well that’s all for now, I arrived back in København this morning (8.30 to be exact). Bad decisions when you have class at 10.00. Oh well, I will be doing the same in a week when I travel to Milan, Italy.

Stay hygge friends&family!




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