I ran a red light.


Greetings from Danmark! (No I did spell it wrong, American’s spell it wrong.)

I decided to rent a bike. This may seem odd to you, but the Danes ride their bikes EVERYWHERE. At any given moment there are more bikes than cars on the roads. Im not joking. So, because of conformity and all that jazz I decided to rent a bike. That is where my title comes into play.

I ran a red light.

Yes. On my first cycle back home I totally ran a red light. It was truly a moment of terror and bad assery mixed into one. (Yes, like American’s spelling of Denmark, I too made up that word). Terror mainly because there was a car turning left as I was coming head on the opposite direction. I learned the hard way that the cars here WILL run you over, they ain’t got time to wait on you. (I’m still alive don’t worry. You can see my beautiful face again). Bad assery because I was riding a bike in København. (No I did not spell this wrong either, America also spells Danmark’s capitol wrong. The nerve of our people). Riding a bike and almost getting run over. I truly feel like a Dane.

Back track a couple of hours prior to the bad assery, and I was emerged in a beautiful, wonderful, amazing place called Paper Island. (Or as the Danes called it Papirøen). I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the doors of Paper Island to find the most magical place in the world. (All copyrights to Elf). Street food. Everywhere.

Aisles of street food venders. Any food you could dream of, they had a vendor for it. After roaming around the carts for about a half hour (Yes I had to walk around and check every menu) I decided to get a falafel pita.

Best. Damn. Thing. Ever.

So good, I went back the next day (Yes that is a true story). Though, the second time I went to this magical Paper Island I got pulled duck on top of chips. (Or as we American’s like to call it, fries). And wow. Just wow. My mouth is watering just talking about it. For a foodie like me, this place was how I imagined heaven. Kind of like how white girls imagine heaven. You know, with a place that combines, Starbucks and an avocado farm, sprinkled with some monogramed shirts, mugs, cups and earrings. Yeah, it was THAT amazing.

Back track a tad bit further and I found myself drinking the best mojito in this world. (And quite frankly my first and only mojito, but i would IMAGINE that it must be a good mojito. That, or they totally tricked me). My friends and I went to this bar called Cafe K where happy hour is everyday from 9pm to 1am (LOL I know right?? That’s when I go out at home). Anyways, if you ever find yourself in København on any given night around 9pm-1am, go to Cafe K. I promise you will have the best mojito of your life. That, or they tricked us both.

Well, that is basically all I can think of right now and I’m also just lazy and don’t feel like typing more. (Rather sleep to be honest). Hope your week is full of terror and bad assery like mine.

Stay hygge** (trademark @CAROLineDato)

P.S. take a hard look at the photo cover for this blog. And if you see it, then you’ll understand this. Strive not to be perfect, but to be unique. Not even the Queen’s castle is perfect.



One thought on “I ran a red light.

  1. Hej Caroline
    Jeg elsker dig! Dim funny! Elsker dim blog! Kan du godt tide ol og vin? Can’t wait to visit you. Stay safe Have fun! Study a lot too! 😘 Miss you! Love Mom


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