Jeg er dansk?

Welp, I made it!

An eight hour plane ride and hour car ride later, and I have finally arrived in the place I can call home for the next four months. No, I do not live in the water my lovely photo provides. I live in an actual apartment/house/thingy in the middle of the city! It’s a pretty nice place (the bathroom floor tiles are heated, so yeah, I’d say it’s fancy af).

I’ve been here for a total of 60 hours now and I can say I am defiantly NOT a dane. Get it? (title translation : I am Danish?). It’s called sarcasm people.

ANYWAY…..I’ve bought cabbage instead of lettuce, like fifty pounds of bacon (it is the only meat I could translate to english, mainly because it’s called bacon in danish..) two shampoo bottles instead of conditioner, rye bread with carrots in it, and granola.. maybe? I’ve eaten it twice and I’m still unsure if I’m eating granola that looks like bird food or if I’m actually eating bird food. I DID buy yogurt correctly. This is a big feat because it comes in the same exact container as milk. True story bro. (HAHHA jk, I only knew that because my RA told me.) Tricked you didn’t I? It’s a process, I’ll keep you updated on my grocery shopping habits though on next time on cooking with carl.

So what else did I do besides go grocery shopping? Rode my first København bus, saw Tivoli (it’s closed this time of year, but I plan on going in later), walked around the outside of Christiansborg Palace (where the Prime Minister and Supreme Court lie), and saw Agnete and the Merman underwater statues underneath the Højbro Bridge (as shown in the photo. However, you cannot see the statues due to the sun’s glare. I know Im disappointing all of you. I will try harder next time.) I also saw a Comedy Improv Show at the local ICC Theatre (Improve Comedy Copenhagen) and tried a real Danish lunch called a smørrebrød. Which means an open faced sandwich. This one in particular had smoked salmon, arugula, and dill mustard on top of hearty af rye bread. It was surprisingly delicious! I would recommend it!

Well, that is all for now folks!

Stay Hygge !

(No this is not a Danish phrase, I just made it up. But I like it, so I am going to make it a “thing”. Ya know, because a U.S. exchange student is totally going to start a danish trend. Thats the way it works right? The word hygge is a danish word though. It means something like a cozy, warm, and a friendly environment.)

So, stay hygge my friends!


One thought on “Jeg er dansk?

  1. Totally jealous of your awesome adventures! It looks beautiful and I want a picture of the statues! And you are set with bacon and yogurt!


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